Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How can you help?

People have been asking, "how can I help those in need?"

Be a voice for many who often aren't able to make their own voices heard. Don't let our state and federal elected officials turn away from their responsibility to ensure all Ohioans and all Americans have their basic needs met when they need a safety net. Use the links below to contact your elected officials and express your support to focus on basic needs as a first priority.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Governor Strickland has just said more cuts across the board and doesn't protect the state or county jobs and family service agencies that are supposed to be the safety net when the economy is in the toilet! What sense does it make to require cuts in programs that are supposed to be helping those when the economy or life gets bad. Now is when he should be beefing up the welfare budgets to take care of all of us who are losing jobs and our health care.

Wow, he says he'll still expand health care to kids in families making 300% - yes, 300% of poverty, but not even cover parents in families at 100% poverty. How do we less fortuate take care of our kids when we can't get health care?
Way to go Governor!