Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Public school fees waived for Ohio children in free lunch program

All children who receive free lunch as part of the National School Lunch Program will no longer have to pay general school fees at public schools in Ohio. The new state budget includes a provision that waives these fees for children who receive free lunch.
The legislation does not apply to extra-curricular fees.
It is common in Ohio for schools to charge up to $100 in general fees just for students to attend school and take classes. Not all schools charge the fees, but the ones that do often hold back grade cards from the students who do not pay the fees. Some schools even contract with collection agencies to have the fees collected.
It is very difficult for families living on limited incomes to pay the fees, and very frustrating to see schools charging for a public education that is supposed to be free and open to all.
The change in school fees this year is a very positive first step, and Athens County Job and Family Services would ultimately like to see all fees waived for all children at public schools in Ohio. Click here to read more about the public school fees and the change in legislation this year.